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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

That's Entertainment!

Hi All, I bet you thought I was a blog deserter! Well, I'm not! I'm just a bad blogger! I have been busy with tons of projects and I'm the worst at taking pictures and downloading them. I am, however, very excited to show off this project. I finally finished my entertainment unit! This post has a ton of pics so I'm going to keep the narration down to a minimum. Please feel free to leave comments any questions. Enjoy!

To the far left you will see my TV against a plain wall. I wanted a custom built entertainment center, but not the custom built expense!
At work a really nice bookshelf wall unit was for sale, but it was way too tall for this basement space. The price was $300.00, so tempting! I called my brother Sam, asked if we could cut it down, and as always he jumps in, and helps (OK! as always I drag him kicking and screaming!!!)

Work dropped the price to $150.00 and I had to have it! This is my amazing brother Sam! Love you Bubba! He is so patient with me. We removed the center dividers, and built a shelf to support the TV.
We staggered the top heights, pushed the two side shelves to the walls, removed the backs, added beadboard, built headers, and footers.

The TV fits perfectly, and so far, I am loving the unit. Sam's job is all done now, and the rest is all on me!

If you have ever read my blog, then you know how much I love adding trim and crap to my projects! I love rope trim and lions!
Matching up holes for the shelves was NOT fun! I made myself a template, but I'm not sure it really saved me any time.
Primed and ready for paint

adding trim, shells, and scrolls.  I make my own design using smaller pieces and combining them because buying these in the lengths that I need (want) is very expensive.

I used two different paints, a creamy white for the beadboard and shelves, and a dark gray by Martha Stewart. I think its called slate or steal (I know I suck! but I can always look on the can if someone really wants to know). The next few frames show some detail.

I used my all time favorite black walnut stain for depth. I love this stuff!
Always looks amazing!

And then the part that really is a time suck! Plastic, tape, plastic, tape, plastic tape! Spray on poly-acrylic top coat.

TaDa!!!!! The finished unit!
I think it's awesome! I spent less than $1000.00 on materials and paint for the entire unit, not counting the endless hours of work and the fact that my Brother worked for free!
We found strip lighting at IKEA for about $25.00 and anytime we feel "Disco-ish" we can turn up the funk!
Not bad!
I love all of the detail this piece has.

So, I promise not to let another year go by. I have a few more projects to load up. Let me know what you think!