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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cream Cheese Mints

You can't have a baby shower and not serve cream cheese mints, they're tradition!
I remember as a child they were served at every baby shower and how much I loved them.  I still think they're yummy!
There are only 3 ingredients + food coloring:
2 lbs (one large bag) of powdered sugar (any brand will do)
8 oz of room temperature cream cheese
2 to 3 drops of spearmint oil. I buy mine in the candy isle of Hobby Lobby or Micheal's. If you are tempted to put more than 2 to 3 drops of this oil in DON'T! it gets stronger as the flavors cure overnight. I let 2 drops drip into a spoon to prevent it from falling into the mixture.
Food coloring of your choice.
I mix the food coloring into the cream cheese until I get the desired color I want then I mix in the flavoring and powder sugar. You will end up using your hand to finish mixing it. I usually dump it out onto my counter and knead it until it looks like this.

Then I cut it into fourths, wrap each piece separately in plastic wrap and refrigerate it overnight. When your ready to make the mints, take one-fourth out of the refrigerator at a time. It rolls better if its cold.
Knead a piece for a minute to slightly warm it up and pinch off small little balls and roll into sugar. If this is your first time making the mints roll one ball to assure it is the correct size for your mold.
press the ball into a rubber or silicone mold (I ordered mine on-line from a candy company for about $3.50)
then just pop the mint out onto wax paper. That's it! I put my mints on cookie trays and refrigerate them for a few hours before I pack them into a plastic container or a box. Put wax paper between each layer. Keep them refrigerated until your ready to plate them. They freeze beautifully too!
They look as good as they taste.
and they are adorable in blue too (yeah, I know my picture is sideways. oops)
Try them at your next event. They are great for weddings, birthdays, what ever the event!

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