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Monday, February 6, 2012

Hot Pink & Zebra Baby Shower Week!

It's been a busy few months around my home to say the least! Holidays, baby shower, I fell at work and fractured a few bones (Boo Hoo!). With all that going on I hope you will excuse me for being a little behind in blogsville.
This week I'm going to be posting several projects from my niece Maria's Baby shower. I hope you will be inspired to try some of them and let me know what you think!
Today I'm going to share how to make a balloon stand. This was my first one ever! My niece Sarina (who use to own a floral & balloon shop) showed me how to make it and I loved it! Easy Peasy!

First you'll need a stand. I didn't design this one. It was used for my great niece Rose Marie's 16th Birthday.  Her Daddy an electrician made it from parts he had laying around. You can use any parts you have laying around. It doesn't need to be this heavy duty, but it has to be strong enough to stand.
It was about 5'8' tall
You don't need to tape the pole, but you can see parts of it peeking through the balloons. At my niece Rose Marie's Birthday her Mom filled the spaces up with tulle and ribbons. It looked great but I'm too lazy and I knew I wouldn't have that much time the day of the shower. So I opted to tape the pole.
The theme was Hot Pink & Zebra so I used cool duct tape. Sooooo easy!
To cover the bottom and protect the balloons from any sharp edges on the base I just repurposed some material I had left over from another project.
I didn't finish off any edges. Just cut a slit in the center and drop it down the pole
Then I blew up the balloons using a small air compressor. I made 2 poles. Each pole held 7 layers of 4 balloons. Each layer had 1 silver, 1 hot pink, & 2 black balloons. I blew up 24 black, 12 hot pink, 12 silver total.
Each layer gets 1 silver, 1 hot pink, 2 black
Tie 2 black balloons together
Then tie one silver & one pink together
Now twist them together and rotate them so 2 black are together.
All that's left to do is simply slip this layer onto the pole. Slightly separate the 2 black balloons and slip them on.
Now each layer gets put on in the exact same sequence. Pay attention to the silver & pink balloons. If you invert them your layers wont twist correctly. For this sequence I always made sure it was silver, pink, black, black. Then just rotate the layers by one balloon to the right.
Then place your special balloon on top. Tie a  ribbon to the top balloon & intertwine it among the other balloons to keep it in place. I wish I had used a bigger top balloon.
Tip: blow up all your balloons at home and twist each layer. Place 2 layers into a trash bag and carry them to the venue. Then just untie your trash bags (use them for the trash you'll make that day) and simply slip the balloons onto your poll.

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