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Friday, March 30, 2012

Zebra & Pink Cake and Cupcakes

My niece found an adorable cake on Pinterest and wanted it for her shower. The only problem is that the cake on Pinterest had a foot imprint on the belly and we thought that looked kind of creepy (no disrespect meant to the original baker), it just wasn't our style. So here is the cake I made. No foot on the belly.

This cake is realitivly easy to make. You need a baseball pan and a scocer pan. Put one little dab of icing under each ball to secure it to the board. Make sure you level your cakes first so they sit flat. See my tutorial on Maria's Wedding Cake.

Then place a thin layer of buttercream icing to catch any crumbs (also known as a crumb coat), finish icing and add a layer of fondant. I usually make marshallow fondant but I used Wiltons ready made fondant for this cake. No reason, I was just lazy.
This cake will not serve many people, maybe about 15-20 at the most, so I made cupcakes too.

each cupckae was topped with a fondant cut out in the shape of a princess crown, a teddy bear, or a little chick

These are super easy to make but require a few days to dry.

using a small cookie cutter I cut out all the shapes. I then painted directly on them with black food paste (Wilton) in a zebra print.
They will never dry! So I dip them into sanding sugar. This was a beautiful irridesent sugar I got from Hobby Lobby (I don't monitize so free advertizing for them!)

Then place on a cookie rack and leave them out to dry for a few days. Make your life easy and put these on after you've loaded all your cupcakes into the final display stand. I pack mine in a plastic container with wax paper between each layer.
If you know me then you know I couldn't leave well enough alone so I made the actual cake and cupcake batter zebra too!
I'll spare you the tutorial since I got it off of Pinterest. Here is the link to that tutorial "Zebra cake"
Here is my Beautiful Niece Maria ready to pop that baby girl out!

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