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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fancy Pens fit for a Hot Pink & Zebra affair!

I needed pens for the baby shower games and wanted a fun way to incorporate the hot pink zebra theme.  I wanted it to be cute, but I also wanted it to be cheep thrifty. I decided to recycle a few cans for the project. I think these were from stewed tomatoes.

Step one: cut off the top, wash, dry, cover in duct tape.
I placed the tape inside the can and overlapped the top to protect from any sharp edges.
 It's not cute if it cuts!
Covered the entire can with layer #1.
Then repeated the process using zebra duct tape for layer #2. I used 2 layers of tape because it made it look like a container and not so much like a tapped up can.
starting to look cute!
neat and clean!
even the bottom got a layer.
That step is all done
now just add a bow! How cute is that!
The pens were super easy too. I took black pens and taped 2 to 3 pink feathers on the lid with the same zebra tape.
nothing fancy to make but the look is!
Now I have 3 pen holders full of fun and wacky zebra pens
They looked really cute on the stationary table.
 I think this is a great little project for the home, office, school, whatever! What do you think?

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