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Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm Back!!!!

I am finally up and running! My blog page was seeded with a repeating box which stated that "This image is no longer available on photobucket". The problem is that I had no idea which image it was referring to! I basically deleted every part of my blog and reloaded it until I found the culprit. Shabby Blogs a great place to get free backgrounds updated their codes and even posted a blog referring to this. I did upload the new code but still could not get rid of that blasted photobucked message. Finally, it was my little swimming fish gadget at the end of my post that was the problem. So, I can now get back to blogging. I will miss my previous daisy background which is no longer available (hey that's the price of "free" backgrounds). Look forward to some projects! I'm in the middle of a few now and will post some real soon!


  1. Glad to see you back, Nancy! Looking forward to your new posts!

  2. Ciao!! Glad to see back. I will too be looking forward to new posts! Sorry to hear about the issue, but glad everything is taken care of now!

  3. Nancy,

    So happy to see you back! Love your new background. I'm also looking forward to your new posts, always very informative. Thanks!


  4. Hey, Nancy... so glad you are back as I missed you! By the way, I like your new blog design.


  5. Greetings from Southern California

    I am your newest follower. I invite you to visit my blog and follow me if you want too.

    God Bless You :-)