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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Old is New again

I have a few pieces of furniture and accent pieces from my childhood. I love them because they are an instant to link to my memories of a simpler time in my life. My family came over from Sicily back in 1959. My father came to America in advance to work, purchase a home, and get affairs in order to bring over my Mom and 5 siblings. I was born here in the USA (exactly 9 months and 20 seconds later). This "getting things ready" stage took my Dad 8 years. Can you imagine my poor Mom in Sicily trying to raise 5 very small children alone? If you are the child of immigrant parents then you understand the great sacrifices our parents suffered to get us to this great land! I appreciate their struggles, and am blessed to call this wonderful place home. We were poor folks, but we never knew it! Any fancy decorations in our home were purchased by my sister when she was of age, and working. This piece is one of the many Home Interior pieces she purchased back in the 70's. It is the only one I have. Originally there were two.
I love it, but it's just to brassy for my taste or my home. The years have left it a little dull and tired looking.
So, what to do.....well of course I'm going to take it apart and freshen it up a little.
I bought several metallic colors to try
and presto just like that I'm updating this piece and loving it already. Don't worry, I know my sister and she would have done the same thing too!
wipe off the excess paint and voila! Beautiful. Funny thing is that all the colors I chose looked the same. I ended up using the metallic silver.
It's very hard to find a votive holder shaped like the original one, so I bought this one at Hobby Lobby.
And here we have it! All freshened up and ready to live in my home.
Exactly where, I don't know yet.
I wish I had the other one. I have no idea what happened to it.
Oh well, I am very pleased to have this one. What do you think?


  1. What a special piece. I love the finish you did... so much prettier than the older brassy finish. It will look beautiful wherever you put it. Well done, sister!


  2. Nancy,

    Such a beautiful story about your family!

    What a difference to your Home Interior piece! I love the metallic finish and it looks pretty sitting on your gorgeous table. You have a beautiful home, really like all those windows. Thanks for sharing.