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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Face lift for the plant holders

I love these plant holders, but they started to rust. I know it's all the rage to leave them Shabby Chic and all, but I don't want rust stains on my patio So, $5.00 later I have this can of Rust-oleum that clearly states " can apply directly over rust" Yeah!!!! I must admit that my common sense did say to me "self, you need to take a wire brush to that rust" but my lazy sense said "self, the can says you can spray it over the rust". So...
One can later....
the paint dried, and off cracked the new paint from the rust!!!! Are you freaking kidding me!!! Ugh!!!!
So, now I wire brush it off and respray the rusty areas.
Here is the finished product. Looks great. I'd love to show you how they look with flowers, but my camera is dead! Not just needs a battery dead, but really dead. It is just not my millennium!

1 comment:

  1. NICE! Be sure and show some pics of the plant holders with flowers when you get a new camera.