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Monday, May 17, 2010

$100 poker table

Sarina & Ponch were really excited to get an Armini's used poker table for $100.00. I was really excited to get the phone call that they didn't want it because it was all scratched up!
It was painted a dark cherry color and had a really heavy coat of varnish. I couldn't tell what kind of wood it was. I tried to sand it but it was just to thick.
So, for the first time ever I decided to use paint remover. I picked a low odor brand. You have to wear goggles, mask, and heavy plastic gloves.
I was actually very suprised how easy it was. It does get messy. Sometimes you have to repeat the process.
I used paper shop towels, and a plastic scraper. It is amazing that it actually strips down to the bear wood! You have to rub it with mineral spirits to remove all of the stipper. So it gets really stinky!.
And to my delight! It's Mahogony wood! Jackpot!!!!! no pun intended!
Because the top part of this table (which comes off and the table becomes a craps or blackjack table too) has an ugly yellow rubber edge (as seen above) I decided to paint the top a sage green and stain it with black walnut. To make it fun I added hearts, clubs, spades, and diamonds. I also painted a fringe around the center leather.
I think it looks great!
I stained the rest of the table with left over Beachnut by Sherwin Williams from my cabinets, and accented it with a black acrylic paint (in the grooves).
It then recieved 3 coats of polyurethane in Semi-Gloss. I know Mahogany is typically stained with red type stains but I just wasn't feeling it. I think it looks great this color.
The chairs have coaster rollers and swivel and rock! I am very happy with the end results!
The table was missing one of the cup holders. I searched high and low on the net for a replacement piece and they just don't make this size anymore. So....I painted it black.
Not bad for a $100.00 poker table huh! Sorry Sarina and Ponch you can not have it back! So sad!
Poker anyone?


  1. So you are a stripper???? Hahaha! Stripper is amazing, but so stinky!

    Welcome to blogworld! I'm gonna follow you!!!!

  2. Wow! You got a great deal on that poker table. It looks way better in the softer stain colors you chose. Have you and your husband had any poker parties yet?

  3. No poker parties yet Rhondi, but we're looking forward to it! Thanks for visiting!