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Friday, March 30, 2012

Chocolate Pretzel Sticks

Today's blog is about chocolate covered pretzel sticks. They are supper easy to make. It almost seems silly to give you a tutorial, but I had to google the process since it was my first time. If your reading this, then maybe you've thought about making them too.
The shopping list is simple. I used candy melts, large pretzel sticks, and food coloring if needed.
I melted my candy in a glass jar so the dipping process would be easier than the tutorials I had seen on google.
Microwave the candy melts on high at 30 second intervals, stir, and repeat until all the candy is melted. I used a kabob skewer to mix.
line a cookie sheet with wax paper and start dipping the pretzels.
Here (this is a view using pink chocolate) you see how I tilted the jar to get a nice even coat of chocolate. Twirl your pretzel stick as your take it out to keep the chocolate coating even.
I placed the coated sticks into the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. You will get some chocolate puddles but that's no problem.
Just use a knife and carve it off. I made white sticks with pink drizzles and visa versa. I put my contrasting colored chocolate into a plastic baggie, snipped off a very small section of one corner and used it as a pastry bag as I used a random drizzle pattern.
you don't need a knife to clean the excess drizzle, they just snap off with your fingers once they've dried. I bought Wilton pretzel bags, wrapped each one individually, and added curling ribbon. Unfortunately I don't have that picture but you can see the final presentation in the far left corner of the candy table below. I know I took those pictures! Sorry guys! Next time I'm going to stand them up in a vase instead of laying them down in a tray. Live and learn.
The taste of salty pretzel mixed with the sweet chocolate was just delicious! Give them a try!

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