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Monday, August 8, 2011

Slick End Table!

My Hubby has a knack for bringing home some really ugly stuff! Now, I know in the world of "Man" (grunt) this stuff is supra-cool, but not so much in my world. When I got the call (imagine a little boy all excited) that he bought an autographed slick by John Force, well what else could I say but great! Wait.....what's a slick? A worn out tire! You bought a worn out tire! Yes...He bought a worn out tire (sigh) and this is what it looks like. This thing has sat in storage for about 5 years and we had some really different ideas on how it could be Incorporated into the house. I wont even begin to tell you some of the things he wanted to do with it (imagine it hanging from the ceiling, screwed into the walls....). I came up with the idea of making it into a table for the game room. That made him happy, so table it is!
I found a 38 inch round wood base at Home Depot. I painted it red and stained the perimeter
I enlisted the help of my wonderful Nephew and his tools (he has all the cool stuff!) and of course Hubby.

I found a small wooden spool at a local electrical shop that they gave me for free (score!)
After we cut it to the center hole diameter, I painted it black. I really didn't need too but I wasn't sure if there would be any gaps and I didn't want any wood to show.
Oh, yeah...I forgot to mention all the other cool man stuff  he bought at the Funny Car Races with autographs over the past 5 years.
I came up with this idea that all these "cool" parts should be Incorporated into this table so here's what I designed. If we drill holes on the top of the spool we can drop all these "things" into the holes! Hey I'm a genius, what can I say!
We screwed the tire onto the base
I covered the wooden spool with 1/2 inch foam, covered it with racing material, and dropped all of the piston-thingy's into the holes. Cleaned the tire. Placed 36 inch round glass on top (Craig's list find)
Made sure that Autograph was the main focus
I have no idea who these signatures belong to.
But hubby does!
And Viola! Super cool man table in the corner of the game room.
add beer and a few friends and man cave is complete (sort-of)
I love the way it came out! Imagine how cool this will look when I get tile installed!!
So what do you think?

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