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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sorry Folks!

Hello wonderful people in blog-land! I am so sorry that it has been so long since my last blog. I have been feverishly trying to get caught up with my holiday baking and shopping. I got a flu during Thanksgiving week that really put me down (I still have the cough!) and then I got a stomach flu too. Between working and being ill my holiday season has been reduced to 2 weeks! I have been baking on my days off and after work. I promise to share my family recipes with you this week! I will be sharing my wonderful sister's recipes for Tay-Tu's, Fig cookies, and more.
Tay-Tu's are a wonderfully rich cookie that has Hershey's chocolate syrup, mini-chocolate chips, nuts, cinnamon, cloves, anise oil. It is just scrumptious and you'll love it if you love a very tasty cookie!
I'll show you how I make my fig mixture for our family fig cookies! If you noticed the VO bottle in the background good for you! (don't worry, it's optional).
I'll show you how to make the dough, roll it, and fill them too.
 A delicious cookie covered in sesame seeds. It's called a Gigulena cookie. It is perfect for tea parties, and goes great with coffee. Better yet it is crazy yummy with a glass of wine. Dunking allowed!
I'll show you how to make the best biscotte dough in the world (or at least in my world). I hope you'll join me.  Have a Happy Holiday!


  1. I CANNOT wait to get the recipes for your sis' Tay-Tu's, the fig cookies and anything else that you and your family make. I have tasted some of your creations and they are beyond wonderful. Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

    Love, Lori

  2. Hi Nancy! Welcome back! So sorry to hear you were sick! Feel better! These recipe looks really good!